Indigo's Personalized Learning Program

What we do in high schools, explained step by step. 

Step 1: Students and Educators Take the Indigo Assessment

Students, teachers and administrators take the Indigo Assessment online. The assessment takes 45 minutes and each individual’s 26-page report is automatically emailed to them. This gives everyone in school common language to use when talking about people.

Step 2: Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development for teachers to use Indigo for student-centered learning. The Indigo Team come into schools to do in-depth training. This shows teacher how they can use Indigo tools to bring together students and administrators. It shows them the vision of what can be done in their schools.

Step 3: Workshops for Students

Workshops for students to use Indigo for personal development and for finding the best fit college and career. We guide students through fun, interactive workshops of 20-30 students each. This gives students a safe environment to better understand who they are how they can leverage their strengths in their personal journey.

Step 4: Advanced Training for Counselors

We go in-depth with counselors to show how Indigo tools can be used in their everyday jobs. We teach everything from how to use students’ Indigo Assessments for one-on-one counseling to how to utilize the social emotional health data that is provided on the backend of the test separate from students. It provides counselors with the training needed to use Indigo in every facet of their efforts with students.

Step 5: Data Analysis & Presentation on School Trends

Indigo compiles data and presents student body and staff trends. We aggregate data to show what is going on in a school - how well is creativity being developed? How dominant are staff compared to students? These insights show administrators how the data can be used to track change, and gives them the opportunity to talk about how Indigo can be used to drive change.

Step 6: We Consult With You to Drive Forward Personalized Learning

We provide consulting to help you develop a step-by-step plan to implement personalized education in your school. After developing a plan, we will help you create the necessary changes in school culture to be able to create an environment that engages students through their motivations, leverages their unique strengths, and aligns with who they natively are. As schools evolve towards a student-centered model, they will begin to come up with more and more ideas of how they could change as an institution. We’ve seen high schools change their counseling, advising, teacher-student dynamics, and focus in on the development of specific skills. Whatever the endeavor may be, Indigo seeks to partner with any school that wants to use the insights they’ve learned from the assessment to get to the next level.