How Indigo Integrates with Colleges & Universities

We recognize universities are complex education ecosystems so our process is truly customized to meet the needs of each school. With that in mind, below are the main things we work on to improve internal success metrics.


The percentage of students retained in a college can be the difference between a pay cut for faculty and launching a new degree program. Colleges want to attract the type of students who will stay so they can spend less on marketing and spend more time using tuition dollars to benefit students and grow programs. Indigo can test 101 courses and run analyses on who dropped, who failed, and who aced the course to determine if there are any trends between the types of students who succeed or fail at your university.

Predict Academic Performance

Indigo can create profiles on what successful students look like in each university program. We do this by analyzing both the Indigo data set and end semester grade data to see if there are any noticeable correlations. This can explain trends in student success, failing grades, and dropouts. By cross-analyzing Indigo data trends with class grades, we can give university deans and professors a benchmark for what type of students will thrive in specific tracks.

Engineering Program Efficiency & Success

Indigo specializes in working with engineering programs. We help engineering colleges better understand how to attract and retain the types of students coming to their program. On the student side, we are giving them a tool to improve their understanding of themselves and teammates; on the program side, we are helping the college understand what their specific niche of engineering students looks like and how to build tracks that align with that niche. 

Major Advising

The average college student is switching majors three times before they graduate. Colleges can use Indigo to help students to determine the right fit earlier on in college. By starting early, they can help students graduate earlier and find a field of study that fits who they are

Bolstering Career Center Effectiveness

The goal of university career centers is to get students ready for the next step – whether that is an entry-level job or graduate school. When Indigo works with career centers not only do they get a better tool to work with students, but we can work with them to analyze the profiles of students who go on into certain industries to create Indigo profiles for different careers and industries.

Online Curriculum

Some universities want to deploy Indigo to their distance learners who they are trying to engage more. Indigo can provide a brief orientation course to be included in students’ online orientation to teach them about how they can use their own test results to better understand how to guide their own time at school and beyond.

Capstone Teams

Some competitive capstone programs push their students onto national competitions: engineering students take their prototypes to technical accelerators and business students take their ideas to business competitions. What universities want to see are these student teams transform into real world projects and businesses, but it’s impossible unless the students know how to build a high performing team. Indigo can come alongside these high performing teams and help them build a team based on their Indigo results that is ready to withstand real world pressures and convert the school project into something tangible and real.