Our Theory on How to Transform Education

In working with dozens of schools, Indigo has developed a working hypothesis that defines what is needed to equip a school to change its culture and self-sustain transformation towards personalized learning. In order for schools to change and be able to implement student-centered learning, the three main constituents of schools -- leadership, teachers, and students -- must be aligned:

Students (Bottom-Up)

Students need to be met not only “where they are”, but also as “who they are.” By meeting students where they are and as who they are, schools pave the way for student-centered and personalized learning. 

Leadership (Top-Down) 

Principals and high level administrators must understand what needs to be done and “buy in” to innovation.

Teachers (The Pivot Point)

Teachers are the pivot point in bridging communication, idea generation, and implementation for students and leadership.

Synergy on 3 Levels Leads to Change

Schools thrive when students are engaged, leadership is motivated, and educators construct the bridges for change. By giving schools data and training on who their students, teachers, and leadership are as people and what are their strengths and passions, the Indigo Inventory and Indigo's Personalized Learning Program work together as a catalyst for change. Once momentum builds, we align the three key stakeholders in schools and drive them towards personalized learning.