Indigo.Fathym: Our Cloud Technology Platform

Indigo partnered with Fathym in the creation of Indigo.Fathym, a cloud-based personalized learning management platform where schools can access their students’ reports, view aggregate data, and access Indigo resources at any time.

What can you do with Indigo.Fathym? 

Access Student Reports

Teachers, counselors and administrators will be able to access each student’s 26-page report for use in student development, classroom management, counseling and faculty-student relationship building.

View Aggregate Data

Counselors and administrators will be able to view school-wide data easily. They can customize their display to show different student populations, and they can view trends in any of the four sciences.

Indigo Resources

Indigo provides resources for all levels of faculty. From cheat sheets to better understand how to use Indigo when working with students to curriculum that leverages Indigo to teach college and career preparation, skills and positive social emotional health - you can access it all online. 

If you have a need for a custom resource, let your Indigo representative know. If we can make it, we can deliver it to you directly through Indigo.Fathym.

Indigo.Fathym has been a great way for our staff to view our school reports, individual student profiles and access resources that will help us further our work with student strengths. It is also quite easy to use.
— Kelly C., Counselor