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Shawn Achor - TED Talk

Shawn Achor describes the importance of flipping the model of happiness from work hard --> be successful --> be happy. He argues that happiness creates success, not the other way around.

Simon Sinek TED Talk

Simon Sinek defines what makes a great leader, and some misconceptions with what having power means.

What if Money Didn't Matter?

What if money was no object?

Stanford, Design Your Life Course

How to design your life.

Professional Development Resources


Interested in business? Investopedia provides news, training, articles and more in the world of business to keep you updated on current ideas and techniques.


This easy and convenient platform lets you create and design your own Facebook covers/blog graphics/cards/collage/etc. 


Great resource to build your own blog/website.

Unreasonable Institute (Uncharted) - Video Archives

Click to watch videos on how to be successful in the modern world, with advice on booming markets and money saving/making techniques.


Click on the image above and you will be taken to Udemy, where you can learn anything from how to start a business to public speaking 101 to how to get 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Learn anything. For free. 

Click here to learn to code. Click here to learn to design stuff. Click here to take college classes on any topic. Click here to learn how to invest money and gain practice.



Browse and take online courses from a number of different colleges and in many different disciplines. Find the course or program that you most want to take.


Use Coursera to research and apply to online courses and pursue a degree online. With a full collection from different colleges around the world, there is always something for everybody.


A college search engine that allows you to explore colleges based on professor ratings, social life, cost, size, region, etc.


Road Trip Nation

Explore your interests and figure out how to find a college and/or career path that you are passionate about on Road Trip Nation.

Find Your Calling

Find your calling is a resource for students that helps uncover types of careers that would be most appealing to them. Through assessments and their large database of different careers, students can discover the different options out there, and start now to work towards their goals. 


Train your brain with puzzles and games designed by scientists and game developers.