This page contains resources to help optimize Indigo for your classroom. These resources are available to help teachers, administrators and students unpack and analyze their results, and provide context for personalized learning.

Before students take the assessment, read over the proctoring instructions for giving the Indigo Assessment in a group setting. Each school will receive their own personal link for their students.

Reference Sheets


Indigo Reference Sheet: A quick reference sheet to communication and environments for DISC styles and motivators


Indigo Vocabulary Guide: Information on vocabulary words that can help students and teachers better understand themselves.



Indigo’s set of resource books, the Indigo Fieldbook and “Assessing Your Genius 101” provide students and teachers the necessary resources to fully unpack their Indigo Assessments and provides example activities and worksheets to be used in the classroom.


The Indigo Fieldbook: Resources and activities for teachers and administrators.


Assessing Your Genius 101: Resources and worksheets for students.

Additional Resources

For parents interested in learning more about the Indigo Assessment and leading meaningful conversations with their child, direct them to the Parent Resource page at

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