Indigo's Resiliency Program

Resiliency is a skill all students need to prepare themselves for post-secondary success. We use our data & relationships with schools to launch resiliency training that prepares students for the future, raises up leaders, and creates a positive and supportive culture.

This really made me think about the opportunities that I have in front of me and is making me think about doing things that I’d never thought I’d do.
— Junior, Urban Charter School

Blue List

The Indigo Assessment measures social emotional health using the Hartman Value Profile. We use this as the basis for all initial resiliency trainings. It allows us to target students who are in the greatest need for additional support, improving the effectiveness and impact of our programs.

Blue Groups

We help schools launch Blue Groups, or Resiliency Groups - counselors put together the group of students that they think would benefit from this training. It can as short as six weeks and as long as the full year - there can be one group or ten groups. Indigo helps you launch the groups, and then transitions it over to the counselors to give them full control.

Blue Curriculum

In a partnership between Indigo and a young author who struggled with depression in her teenage years, we created a series of more than 20 lesson plans students can used to build students up and teach them life skills through the context of their Indigo report. There’s no need to create your own curriculum - we have more than enough to get you started.

Students Teach Students

We help schools identify and train their leaders and students most impacted by the resiliency training to become certified Indigo trainers. Once students are certified, they can lead their own groups and teach resiliency to other students. As students gain confidence running the training, we let them lead the way and make the groups their own. 

Let's Collaborate on Building Resiliency

Given that every school is different, there is no one specific way that we implement our Resiliency Program. Since you know your students and faculty best, we will collaborate with you to figure out what is the best way to bring Resiliency to your school and start empowering yours students through the training. 


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“I really enjoyed exploring more qualities of myself that I normally don’t explore.”
Freshman, Charter School