Teachers are the pivot point for change

Teachers are the pivot point between students and leadership in bridging communication, idea generation, and implementation. Indigo loves teachers and teachers love Indigo! 

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Teacher Activation Program

Teachers are the greatest resource already existing in your schools.  By discovering and recognizing their inherent strengths and giving them the freedom to own their genius, you can supercharge your district or school innovation initiatives.


    Indigo Certification and
    Train the Trainer

    For counselors and teachers that want to do a deep dive into Indigo and it's components Indigo offers a variety of certification options both in person and web based.  All schools purchasing an extended packages automatically receive cetficiation trainings of key teachers and all counselors.  

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    Leadership Development

    Since Indigo is derived from sophisticated corporate HR tools, it applicable for all staff from middle school students to District Superintendents.  District leadership teams use Indigo to increase teamwork, understand innovation gaps, compare leadership data to student data sets so all interests can be aligned.  

      Example of how a teacher who has been through Indigo Certification uses Indigo information to turn around a challenging student.  

      Typical teacher Professional Development Includes:

      • Indigo Assessment for Teachers
      • 1-6 hour workshops with up to 200 teachers at a time.
      • Team report including:
        • Collective data
        • Team behavior and motivation wheels.
      • Field books for workshop participants
      • Consultation & Recommendations

      Prospect Ridge Academy Teachers Indigo Workshop 2017- Teachers learn more about themselves and how to co-create their new school's culture.

      Typical Leadership/District Workshop Includes:

      • Indigo Assessment for District Team
      • 1/2-1 day session including:
        • Team Building Workshop
        • Innovation Team Gap Analysis
        • Team data analytics
        • Co-creation of plan to inspire action and initiative
      • Team report
      • Consultation & Recommendations