Self-Awareness and Career Readiness

Self-awareness is fundamental to success. Students need to understand their own strengths and interests to make the right choices for education and careers after high school. Thanks to the generous support of the TW Lewis Foundation, we soon will offer a new, one-of-a-kind course that enables students to identify their own goals and chart a future of success.


Personalized Online Learning Experience


Using the Indigo Assessment Report, students explore opportunities for their futures based on their own unique strengths, motivations and skills.  

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Self-Directed Online COurse Empowers Students

Indigo is proud to introduce the TW Lewis Self Awareness and Career Readiness Course: IndigoActivate. The easy-to-take, 15-module online course is designed with the college freshman in mind to help young adults chart their futures based on their own natural skills.

In addition, IndigoActivate Discover is a five-part online course offered for high school students.

Both IndigoActivate for college freshman and IndigoActivate Discover for high school students are self-directed, online classes that students take at their own pace. Each module is about 30-45 minutes long.

Take the next step and learn how students at your high school or college can benefit from the TW Lewis Self Awareness and Career Readiness course. Please email for pricing and other information. 

Sponsored by the TW Lewis Foundation

Through the generous support of the TW Lewis Foundation we are able to make this course available to certain universities for no charge and others at a very low cost.  Videos and resources are free to all students around the country.  

Introduction video for the Indigo / Tom Lewis online course.

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