Self-Awareness and Career Readiness

Despite finding a fulfilling career being the ultimate purpose of getting a great education, we do not equip students with the information they need to make great decisions about their future.  Indigo believes that self-awareness is the fundamental building block of all success so with the generous support of the TW Lewis Foundation we are able to offer this course to students across the country - Available mid 2018!

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Personalized Online Learning Experience

Using the Indigo Assessment Report, students are able to explore their futures based on their own unique strengths, motivations and skills.  

Career Video Library

Students can explore various industries and careers through Indigo's online Career Video library.  Professionals share their own stories and Indigo results.  

Example Career Video: Mark Woempner is a Senior Program Manager for Lockheed Martin and helps teams of engineers get satellites up into space.

Introduction video for the Indigo / Tom Lewis online course.

Sponsored by the TW Lewis Foundation

Through the generous support of the TW Lewis Foundation we are able to make this course available to certain universities for no charge and others at a very low cost.  Videos and resources are free to all students around the country.