Indigo in the News

The Indigo Education Company and its nonprofit, Indigo Impact Initiative, have the pleasure to collaborate with many innovative schools and communities. Highlighted below is media coverage of Indigo's partnerships and personalized learning services in the U.S.

An in-depth look at The Indigo Assessment AT GCU

Marette Hahn never will forget the day a freshly minted Grand Canyon University graduate dropped into her office, the big, bright, wide world rolling out the red carpet for him, spilling out all of its possibilities.

It was the summer after he graduated, his premed degree in biology still fresh in his hand. He was going to be a doctor.  Read more-->

Indigo: Empowering educators with online tools for analyzing educational assessments

The Indigo Education Company is a social enterprise that administers their corporate level non-cognitive Indigo Assessment surveys in high-school and college classrooms and ensures that the results are accessible and informative for students and educators. In contrast to traditional academic evaluations, the Indigo Assessment places a high emphasis on the social and emotional aspects of student development, highlighting non-academic strengths, behavior styles and motivators. Read more-->