Gain Insights Through Self-Awareness

The Indigo Assessment provides self-awareness, the first step to transformative learning. Using four sciences to achieve individualized results, the assessment is based on 35 years of research, providing information and insights relevant to employment outcomes and the modern economy. The Indigo Assessment is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and data-driven non-academic inventory in education.


Behaviors ~ Motivators ~ 21st Century Skills ~
Social-Emotional Perceptions


Assessment Options

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The Indigo Assessment

This is our most commonly used version of the assessment for staff and most high school students.  It includes the maximum amount of data, qualitative questions and takes 45 minutes to an hour.  

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This version of the assessment includes Behaviors, Motivators and post secondary options.  



Indigo XL is suitable for middle school students down to a 5th grade reading level.  

Note:  Custom assessments are available for select partners.