Indigo Assessment Overview

The Indigo Assessment is a multi-dimensional, comprehensive tool to help students and educators gain insights through self-awareness of their behaviors, motivators and skills. Indigo offers three versions of the assessment starting at a 5th grade reading level.


The Indigo Assessment measures behaviors according to the DISC system, a tool that divides behavior into four basic styles: Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance. DISC scores indicate natural responses to everyday circumstances.



The Indigo Assessment measures 6 Motivators as described in the work of Spranger and Allport in their study of human value, motivation and drive. Motivators describe why people do things: the internal desires that drive behaviors.



Through use of a Likert-Scale questionnaire, the Indigo Assessment measures 23 non-academic competencies relevant to workplace success. This list includes key personal and inter-personal skills. The top 5 skills point toward areas of talent that may or may not already be known.


The power in the assessment is how the three aspects of an individual’s profile — behaviors, motivators and skills — work together.


Sample Indigo Report

The most comprehensive survey of its kind on the market, the Indigo Assessment uses over 100 data points to develop a personalized report. The sample below shows the useful information students and educators receive based on the assessment. This report includes the maximum amount of data available in a report. Reports can also be customized to reflect specific client data needs.

After your students take the Indigo Assessment, use the Indigo Dashboard to learn more about using student data to positively benefit your organization.

Indigo Education Company also works with schools and universities to use data from student reports to create curriculum that matches student interests, course goals and career pathway opportunities.


Are you a school or district administrator or leader in higher education? Do you want to try the Indigo Assessment for free before taking the leap and bringing it to your organization?