Schools Using Indigo as a Catalyst for Change

Schools look different after working with Indigo – and that’s by design. Everything Indigo does is designed to create ripples that move across entire districts. Watching educators take ownership of the energy Indigo creates to make positive change in schools is why we do the work we do.



Pinnacle High School 

Identifying Leaders

In an urban charter school in northern Denver, Principal Todd B. and his teachers are using Indigo to identify potential leaders who may otherwise go unnoticed. Teachers are pulling in “problem students” into their office hours to talk about their strengths, skills and passions, and connecting them to clubs and opportunities where they can put those strengths to use in a positive way. For example, one teacher looked up the Indigo Report of a student causing issues in his class and discovered one of his top skills was leadership. Instead of shutting him down, he decided to give him a leadership position in the classroom and it transformed the entire dynamic of the class. The student went from being a “problem” to being an engaged, positive example of a leader.

Diverse Leadership is Key

The best teams have a mix of different people – homogenous teams and homogenous leadership do not make high performing teams. Indigo helped identify key leaders who bring in diverse and unique skill sets. Here you see an example of a diverse leader in action. Todd B. (Principal) is high in Dominance, Influencing and Individualistic motivation. He’s a natural persuader, and he desires to see his school succeed by doing things in his own way. Identifying and raising up diverse leaders is key for setting up schools for positive change and growth.

It’s giving all of our students confidence. They start thinking ‘maybe I can go to college’ – Indigo is giving us hope.
— Todd B., Principal
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Peak to Peak Charter School

Building Strengths Improve Grades

Helping students understand their strengths improves academic performance. At a college-prep charter school in Colorado, Counselor Kimberly G. ran a 10-week group with failing sophomores. They all took the Indigo Assessment before beginning the group. Each week, they focused on the different strengths in their Indigo Reports and how they could use them in their school and in their futures. As a result, at the end of ten weeks the number of failing grades in the group went from 30 grades to only 3 grades.

A Disconnected Board

Many schools lament over the disconnect between the faculty and the board. Those lamentations aren’t just administrative angst – it’s a valid observation that our data supports. We helped identify at this school the huge gap in motivations between the board and the rest of the school. Indigo helps schools understand this gap so that they can better communicate and function as an education organization.

I really do feel it was the first time for those kids in their entire lives where we focused on what they were good at instead of what they were failing,” Gannett said. I’ve never seen a change like that in my 20 years of education.
— Kimberly G., Counselor

The Academy Charter School

A Change In School Culture

Indigo has the potential to change the whole culture in a school. At a suburban charter school in Colorado, Principal Cody C. is giving students control of clubs and activities and watching the community thrive. The Indigo test identified that his students want to give back and make a positive impact in the community – and so he started providing opportunities to do just that. As a result, coat drive donations went up, food drive donations went up, the student council doubled the attendance at the homecoming dance, and classroom behavior referrals went down 50%. 

Tapping into Student Motivations

It’s important to understand the differences between what makes a school’s students tick and what makes their teachers tick. Indigo identified that a high percentage of teachers are motivated by “learning for the sake of learning." While many students share this same motivation, they are more driven by the idea of giving back and making an impact on their community. Once Indigo helped the faculty discover this and make room for changes in the school, this motivation opened students up and pushed them forward to lead student-driven initiatives.

This has been transformational for the school, it breaks down barriers.
— Cody C., Principal

Prospect Ridge Academy

Bringing Students, Teachers and Administrators Together

At this high-performing new college prep school, the students are at odds with the teachers. The school only had freshmen and sophomores, and many were beginning to talk about switching to another school system. Assessing their students revealed that the disconnect was happening because the students and teachers were completely different types of people. As a result of Indigo’s consulting, the school began launching new clubs that fit the desires of their student population, and it’s been an early big success for the school. The new business club immediately maxed out membership, and student leaders from the club are leveraging the opportunity to bring DECA into the new school.

Redirecting Students to Maximize Education Impact

Indigo quickly identified a huge disconnect between the teachers and the students. Students were High Dominance (direct, assertive) and high Individualistic (want to do things their own way, want public recognition), and it rubbed the staff the wrong way. The school quickly changed tactics after seeing their Indigo data. They launched a business club and began on-boarding student leaders into a student-teacher school leadership committee. It gave students more opportunities to express who they naturally are in healthy ways.

This has been one of the most valuable professional development sessions we have done, yet alone impact on students and instruction.
— Anne B., Assistant Principal