Bringing a New Kind of Data to Higher Education.

Here’s the hard reality: only 63% of students are graduating from college. Out of those that do graduate, only 50% are attaining jobs on par with their education. Even so, 66% of those attaining the “right” jobs are not satisfied in their position. Students who are unsure of their future direction are more likely to drop out. Universities and other post-secondary programs want to do a better job of equipping students for the type of careers that they will actually enjoy, and students need more information to pinpoint precisely what they are looking for in a career.

That’s Where Indigo Comes In

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Here's How It All Works

Whether it's the entire Freshmen cohort or just a senior capstone class, the selected group of students start by taking the Indigo Report. 

Conduct workshops for students on how to use the Indigo insights & leverage their strengths to excel in college & their post-college career.  

We run and present data analytics that are used to highlight trends relevant to improving retention & predicting academic outcomes. 


What Indigo Offers to Higher Education

University of Denver uses the Indigo Assessment with Engineering Students

University of Denver takes a deep dive using the Indigo Assessment and analytics.


Since each University and other post-secondary education program is widely different and faces a diverse set of issues, we will work with you in building a strategy to tackle any problems or initiatives you have in mind using Indigo as the catalyst in driving the change forward. 

Ready to find out more about what we do?

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