Bringing a New Kind of "Big Data" to Higher Education



The Hard Reality Is That...

only 63% of students are graduating from college. Out of those that do graduate, only 50% of attaining jobs on par with their education. Out of those obtaining jobs relevant to their studies, 66% are not satisfied. Universities need to do a better job in equipping students for the type of careers they will actually enjoy, and students need more insights  to pinpoint precisely what aligns with them. That’s where Indigo comes in.



What We Do in Colleges and Universities

Academic Performance Metrics

Indigo can create profiles on what successful students look like in each university program. By cross-analyzing Indigo data trends with class grades, we can give university professors a benchmark of what type of students will thrive in specific tracks. 


Indigo can test 101 courses and run analyses on who dropped, who failed, and who aced the course to determine if there are any trends between the types of students who succeed or fail at your university.

Engineering Program Efficiency and Success

Indigo specializes in working with engineering programs. We are helping engineering colleges across the United States understand what their specific niche of engineering students looks like, and how they can leverage that for future growth.

Online Curriculum 

What college students think about Indigo

Indigo can provide a brief orientation course to be included in students’ online orientation to teach them about how they can use their own results to better understand how to guide their own time at school and beyond.

Capstone Teams

Some competitive capstone programs push their students onto national competitions: technical accelerators for engineers, or business plan competitions for entrepreneurs. Indigo can be integrated with capstone projects to help build high-performing teams. 

Major Advising

The average college student is switching majors three times before they graduate. Colleges can use Indigo to help students to determine the right fit earlier on in college. They help students graduate earlier and find a field that fits who they are.

Bolstering Career Center Effectiveness

When Indigo works with career centers not only do they get a better tool to work with students, but we can work with them to analyze the profiles of students who go on into certain industries to create Indigo profiles for different careers and industries.


Here's How It All Works

Whether it's the entire Freshmen cohort or just a senior capstone class, the selected group of students start by taking the Indigo Report. 

Conduct workshops for students on how to use the Indigo insights & leverage their strengths to excel in college & their post-college career.  

We run and present data analytics that are used to highlight trends relevant to improving retention & predicting academic outcomes. 


Since each University is widely different and faces a diverse set of issues, we will work with you in building a strategy to tackle on any problems or initiatives you have in mind using Indigo as the catalyst in driving the change forward. 


Want to find out more about what we do?

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