How we work.

We work with high schools across the country to give them the insights into the unique attributes of their students and school as a foundation for their personalized learning strategies. We give schools the data insights to know their learners and apply the exact personalized curriculum strategies they need.

The Inventory

This is where it begins. Each student and teacher takes the Indigo Inventory, a quick assessment based on 4 different sciences, that gives them their strengths, motivators, behaviors style, and Skills. As a result, they get their unique attributes, and the school gets to see a high level of who they are as a group. 


β€œThe Indigo Inventory has gifted us with a unique set of data and language that has strengthened our ability to thrive as a team and authentically encourage each student as they walk towards their future.”

Clara Q, Ass. Principal Peak to Peak Charter School



Data Analytics & Dashboard

We then provide a Data Analytics Dashboard to deliver the insights the school needs to develop the programs they want. In addition, we overlay the current academic data to allow the school to see the information they need to target their students and implement their new strategies. 


"Knowing our students' strengths and motivations gives us a point of entry for engaging the learners we struggle with." 

- Kristen W., English Teacher


Know Yourself Workshops

Our student workshops help students learn their individual behavior styles, motivators, skills, and strengths so that they can understand what environments they thrive in, and how they can most effectively work with others. 


"After taking the Indigo Report, I now feel much more confident in my future and in pursuing my passions." 

- Emily B, Senior



Know Your Learners Workshop

Indigo teacher workshops train teachers in how to best apply curriculum given the unique attributes of their students, as well as train them to help their students use their report to best define their goals and achieve success. 


"Knowing our students' strengths and motivations gives us a point of entry for engaging the learners we struggle with."

- Kristen W., English Teacher


Know Your School Workshops

Indigo works with school administrators to show them the unique attributes of their school to help them discover the best ways to implement the programs they need. 


"Indigo has been one of the most valuable things we've ever done." 

- Anne B, Assistant Principal at Prospect Ridge Academy



Parent Nights

Parent Nights help students and parents gain knowledge of the student's unique attributes to help improve communication, goal setting, and vision success as the student prepares their college, career and life strategies.


"I would have paid $1000 for this."

- Carey M, Parent

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Are you a High School, School District or University Administrator? Do you want to try the Indigo Inventory for free before taking the leap and bringing it to your school?