Whether you want to take on Social Emotional Learning, start an Innovation Program or improve College Readiness, we help you know who your teachers and learners are, so that you can change your school - your way. 


How It All Works

Students, teachers, administrators, counselors & everyone else in the school takes the Indigo Assessment.

Professional development for all teachers on how to use Indigo for driving personalized learning. 

Workshops for students on using the Indigo Assessment to maximize their time in high school & college/career. 


Advanced training for counselors on using Indigo for advising & improving students' social-emotional health. 

Indigo runs data analytics on school trends and who the students are as a whole and presents it to leadership.


We consult with you on building a strategy to engage students and teach them based on who they are. 


Some Ways Schools Can Use Indigo


Not only do we bring resiliency training into schools - we empower students to teach it. Our resiliency training is targeted to students who need it, is backed by more than 20 lesson plans, and is design with the objective of empowering students. 

Social-Emotional Health
Indigo's social-emotional data can help identify students that may need additional social emotional support. We launch resiliency training, or “Blue Groups”, to help instill in these students the confidence and life skills necessary for them to succeed.

College & Career Readiness
The Indigo Reports are perfect for writing college essays and letters of recommendation. But beyond just that, schools can do deep dives into students’ motivators and behaviors to begin giving them in-depth advice about specific colleges and programs that may be a fit for them.

21st Century Skills Development
A major problem high schools are facing is how to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in the work force. Indigo measures the 21st century skills that are needed for professional work, and we provide dozens of lesson plans designed to engage students in different skills such as creativity, written and leadership.

Our goal is to empower schools to use Indigo on their own. We believe that educators have both the experience and knowledge to use Indigo in much more efficient and impactful ways than we could ever dream of. How will your school use Indigo?


Want to find out more about what we do?

Contact us to learn more about our Personalized Learning Program or visit our 501c3 page Indigo For All that manages our non-profit work.