Data is the key to progress.

Indigo data shows you the non-academic attributes of your school, allowing you to see your trends, and why those trends are happening. Overlaying your academic data with your new Indigo data will show your unique insights about your school, students, and people. This new information will help you proactively work to support students and implement new initiatives for your school.

The Dashboard

Each Indigo school gets access to their own dashboard, showing the information and analytics of their unique school, along with capabilities to filter, sort, and organize the data to show the insights you want to see.



Your Data & Indigo Data

Indigo overlays your current data, such as grades, attendance and retention, to show you why the trends you have exist. This allows you to work proactively on the problems you care about. Check out some examples of current clients with the button below.

Are you a High School, School District or University Administrator? Do you want to try the Indigo Inventory for free before taking the leap and bringing it to your school?