Group Data Analytics

As a part of the Indigo Assessment and Dashboard, we have the ability to measure, track and analyze data trends from your school or program. This data can be incorporated into larger strategic decisions spearheaded by school administration. We also track big data by adding each school’s data into an ever-growing database of insights and information about how schools operate.

Click here to view a sample Custom Analytics Presentation to see what our data findings can do for your school.

Key Motivator Oberservations

All Schools are Different.

Indigo compares your school’s data to national averages to show how each individual school is comprised of a unique set of students. Using this data, schools can understand why current programs might not be working and come up with solutions based on motivators and behaviors.


“Blue List” identifies students who need extra Social-Emotional support.

Sensitive data remains with principals and guidance counselors who can help students on the blue list find the support they need to succeed. Indigo can facilitate discussions amongst administration on different ways to incorporate social-emotional wellness into curriculum.

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Data is used to facilitate discussions.

We present our findings to each school in a PDF format and review it with the school administration in person, facilitating discussions on cultural change within a school.

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