Case Studies


High School: Phoenix Coding Academy, Phoenix AZ

We’ve been working with Phoenix Coding Academy since its inception in 2015. Coding is a Phoenix Union School District Technology School envisioned by Google’s Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap that trains all students to be coders, problem solvers, and innovators. Indigo’s program is fully integrated program in every grade level.

In late 2018 , students at Phoenix Coding Academy were asked for feedback on their highlights from the Indigo Dashboard. The results were overwhelmingly positive:

  • Of the 79 students polled, 89.9% claimed their results were “accurate” or “very accurate.”

  • Of the same students, 78.9% also said it would be helpful if their teacher followed the recommendations given in the highlight.

  • Students said they learned new things about themselves and were excited to share the results with family, friends and educators.

Higher Education: University of Denver (DU) Engineering Program

Partnered with the University of Denver in Colorado since 2014, Indigo is an integral part of the Freshmen 101 class for all Engineering and Computer Science students. From the collection and analyzation of non-academic data from Indigo’s assessment, the university has seen success in many areas:

  • Leveraged the data to create high-functioning teams in several courses including Capstone.

  • Faculty Advisors and on campus retention specialists use Indigo information to best advise and retain students.

  • Currently using Indigo data to increase diversity, retention and empathy among engineering and computer science students. 

  • Working with Dean JB Holston and industry partners to help students get placed in best fit jobs after graduation. 

  • Longitudinal data study won best paper at 2018 ASEE Conference, Salt Lake, UT.

Community: Whitehorse High School, Navajo Reservation, San Juan County, Utah

Whitehorse High School and the San Juan County Navajo Community have been using the Indigo Assessment and related tools and services for 3 years.  Indigo is fully integrated on two reservation schools with exciting programs funded by the Kellogg Foundation and Talent Ready Utah, including Virtual Reality Training and Entrepreneurship CTE programs that Indigo designed with partners. 

  • Whitehorse High School went from being the lowest 5% of all Title 1 Schools in the State of Utah, for nearly 20 years, to being above the lowest 25% in one year (2016/2017).

  • 71% of this year’s freshmen are still on track to graduation (up from 39% on track).

  • All students now have college and career readiness plans based on their unique strengths and interests.

  • Principal Kim Schaefer was 2018’s Utah Admin of the Year.

  • Indigo Entrepreneur Experience class starts Jan 2019.

  • Partnered with Lobaki and Clear Center to launch state’s first Virtual Reality CTE Program.