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Ty Mondragon

Ty graduated from Colorado State University in 2003 where he majored in fine arts with an emphasis in metal-smithing. After college he started working for a fine jeweler not knowing he would enjoy this career for 13 years. What originally attracted him to the field was working with precious materials and making long lasting, beautiful pieces of wearable art, but why Ty stayed in the industry was the creative, thoughtful, and meditative process of making fine jewelry. Recently Ty chose to pivot into a new career as a software engineer so that he could spend more time on his passion at home. Why did he choose software development? Ty found that when he is writing code there is the same satisfaction of creating something as it is being a jeweler. He is excited to bring his energy, enthusiasm and skills to Indigo, a company whose primary goal is not a ‘bottom line’ but to bring change in the US education system.