Paul Dziemianowicz

Opting to follow a less traditional path, I dropped out of my education at CU Boulder before my last year to pursue startup success in 2013. Two years later, In my pursuit to learn more about myself, I took the Indigo Assessment in September of 2015 and met with David & Sheri. It's only fitting that my Indigo assessment results are what recently guided me to pursue a career in technology as a full-stack web developer, graduating from Galvanize's gSchool one year later to circle back and become Indigo's one-man IT department. I've felt largely disengaged and unsatisfied within the traditional education model in many ways throughout my life, feeling that my truth was unacceptable. I have a deep awareness of the inherent problems with the current model and education in it's modern manifestation, and in reflection, the opportunities for presenting a more empowering learning experience to the world. I am poised to play a role in bringing Indigo's ultimate vision into reality - that of centering education around self-learning to align people with their with their true empowerment as they step out into the world.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Abraham Lincoln