Nathan Robertson, a native Oklahoman, graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Public Relations major and Entrepreneurship and Chinese minors. Originally considering consulting and public relations jobs, Nathan stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship when an internship project turned into co-founding a technology company, receiving $10,000 of seed funding and a seat in a local accelerator.

As a Director at Indigo, he oversees the 5+ college accounts, implementations at Hawaii charter schools, and scaling sales. When he is not working directly with clients, Nathan works on curriculum development, grant writing and finding ways to extend the value Indigo can provide to schools. When he's not in the office, Nathan's passions include studying Mandarin Chinese, hanging out with internationals, running, hiking and working with high school students.

Personal Statement

I was a high-performing college student who was spinning his wheels in frustration. I faced pressure from professors and peers to move to a major city and pursue an industry job at a major PR firm—80 hours of week working to increase the market share of one energy drink over another. It sounded meaningless.

I want to solve the problems of the next generation, and I don’t think we’ll get there by making laundry detergent advertisements more human.  I think we’ll get there by finding ways to make humans more human.

I joined Indigo Project because I saw vision to make humans more human by bringing an authentic, data-driven process to schools to create personalized education.  It’s bringing a 21st century approach to education into a 21st century world by considering not only the academic qualities of a student, but also the non-academic qualities.

They had me at hello.

I don’t pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try and be a man for the people.
— Gladiator