Natalie's Personal Statement

For me, every day is a gift! A gift given to me at the tragedy of another. My life story is not where I stayed camped out, but instead, what I embraced than weaved into my fabric of being, Here you will find resiliency, empathy, self reliance, determination, tenacity, all which I use to advocate for youth. My road to Indigo has been an adventure! In hindsight, I see my purposeful design, but it was not until Sheri Smith, CEO of Indigo, looked at my Indigo and said, “Natalie, you are a force of nature! Why are you not running your own business?” It was the first time I really knew my potential and given a sense of clarity and direction! Clearly, Sheri saw what I had been in training for and suggested a pathway, based on who I am! Immediately, I saw the value of Indigo for youth! I asked if I could be a part of Indigo and have the freedom to run Indigo in New York. Amazingly, Sheri said YES! (Which speaks volumes regarding their company culture!) Since then, I have been asked to be a part of the Indigo team! I graduated Canisius College with a Bachelor of Arts in Science Education and a Masters of Science in School Counseling. I am a recipient of Niagara’s Women of Distinction Award and nominated Niagara’s YWCA Tribute to Women Award. Proudly, I am an alumnus of the premiere Leadership Niagara, a program that catapulted me professionally and personally. As a former science teacher, school counselor, and always a mother, Indigo is exactly what is missing in children's lives. My goal, bring Indigo to every student and school in the world! It has the power to impact youth their way, whom are the assets of our future!