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Before joining Indigo, David Kalish spent 26 years in finance, running trading desks at hedge funds D.E. Shaw and Citadel Investment Group. At Citadel, he pioneered and developed the first collocated High Frequency trading strategies for stocks, futures and currencies.

In 2014, Kalish left his career in finance behind, and joined the Indigo Project, using his talents to change education. Leveraging his experience from Wall Street, Kalish has harnessed powerful data tools and algorithms in order to enhance educational spaces, and helped create unique programs for Indigo. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a BS in Industrial Engineering and holds a BA in Physics from Colgate University.

 Personal Statement

I was a sellout. I had a rewarding career, and it provided me the opportunity to enjoy nice things in life. I did my job so well that people who read my resume saw me as a successful man, yet I didn’t feel successful around those people.

I have three kids who have redefined success for me. They see the world less as a resume and more as a place where they can be happy around good, honest, real people. They won’t sell out. Success is so much easier for them; no need for a powerful and lucrative job to make them happy.

So yes, I am successful. I helped raise great children, and they are my passion. They need to truly understand that it’s not just their responsibility to change the world, but that they’re fully empowered to embrace the responsibility and their abilities to do it. Changing the world isn’t as hard as it sounds. If they simply follow their passions and ethics, positive change will happen. Together, all kids can do their small part to make their world better.

The Indigo Project is about these kids embracing that empowerment as individuals and coming together to make their world their own.

I met Sheri by chance on a plane. We were perfect strangers who had no reason to interact, share, connect, or eventually become partners with a shared vision. But all that happened.

So I’ve got that goin’ for me...which is nice.
— David Kalish