Indigo’s Mission and Core Values

Indigo’s mission is to empower the intrinsic genius already existing within each individual. By leveraging the most advanced human data available and combining that with artificial intelligence, we can build the student responsive education system of the future.

Everything we do is guided by our core values:  Self-Awareness, Empathy and Freedom 

  1. Self-Awareness, “Know yourself” -   Self-awareness is the foundation of all true knowledge. Indigo is first about knowing who you are, and striving to become the best version of yourself, while practicing empathy and appreciation of diversity and others (which leads to the second value).

  2. Empathy, “Know your team” - Cultivating the practice of empathy and deep connection with others is a core practice of Indigo. The Indigo Assessment and workshops are designed to be the first step in understating different types of people and learning to have empathy for their stories and perspectives. 

  3. Freedom, “Know your possibilities” – Freedom is having the tools and support necessary to pursue life, liberty and happiness. The purpose of education is to provide meaningful opportunities for people to achieve their best life.

These three values form the basis of empowerment. Indigo believes a human-centered approach to education will produce not only better outcomes for the students, but also create better school cultures and attract world class staff to stay in education.

*To read more about the inspiration behind Indigo, check out this blog post by the Learn Launch Accelerator.  

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