About Indigo

Indigo Project is a woman owned social enterprise based in Colorado that helps students and educators gain a deeper understanding of who they are through their unique personal attributes.  The root of their work is the Indigo Assessment, a comprehensive inventory based on over 35 years of research.  It measures behaviors, motivators, professional skills, social emotional perceptions and provides best fit post-secondary pathways.


Indigo's Broader Vision 

Indigo’s broader vision is to catalyze change in the US education system by providing whole child data analytics, helping shift schools towards true personalized learning that empowers students to pursue fulfilling futures. We are the combination of two entities to works together to solve this problem.

  1. The Indigo Education Company is a social enterprise that drives schools toward personalized learning.
  2. Indigo Impact Initiative is a registered 501c3 committed to reaching underprivileged students. 
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Indigo Project's 2020 Goals

  1. 1 million students have taken the Indigo Assessment by 2020, improving their self-awareness, envisioning options for their future, and learning how to better connect with others.

  2. 100,000 educators have attended the Indigo "Know Yourself, Know Your Learner" Workshop to improve educator/student relationships and create learning options for students not traditionally served by our education system.  

  3. Constantly expanding technology platform with open sourced best practices, cutting edge curriculum, alternative education options, and localized/relevant career options.  

Outcomes We'd Like to See  

  1. The information learned from our work will be used in aggregate to inform policy decisions supporting the need for student-centered education reform, increased focus on student/teacher/parent/community relationships, social emotional learning, and support for creative, entrepreneurial minded students.  

  2. Our partner communities have new economic industries, learner-centered schools, increased empathy, and the ability to raise up a new generation of leaders.  

  3. Higher Ed evolves to provide affordable and relevant training opportunities for all students (degree and certificate bearing).

  4. Every student in America has local access to at least 3 quality public education options that represent different pedagogical models and true choice for a variety of learners.  

The Problems We Are Trying to Solve

The current education system not only is ineffective - it’s leaving thousands of students disillusioned about their ability to contribute to society. Schools want to make a change, but they are already overwhelmed by the day-to-day challenges. However, it cannot be denied that personalized learning that focuses on each student can lead to dramatic results in schools.

  • 78% of teachers say addressing personalized needs of students is too difficult.
  • 16% of teachers left their schools in 2013 - half of those left education.
  • 75% of principals feel their job has become too complex.
  • Only 1 out of 10 low-income students nationwide earn a bachelor's degree by their mid-20s.
  • In California, only 1 out of 3 minority students are eligible for college upon graduation. 
  • A school with a fully integrated personalized learning program saw a 72% high school graduation rate, compared to only 59 percent for their school district.
  • Envision Schools, which have a full personalized learning initiative, had 85% of their high school graduates persist college. In comparison to the national average of merely 65%, that is a 20% jump. 
  • Stanford PERTS taught growth mindset to 1,500 students, seeing 14% higher satisfactory grades in school compared to the control and 8% less failing grades.
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focused on personalized learning for two years in charters, not only raising MAP scores but getting 100% of teachers engaged in meeting the needs of individual students.



By giving schools insights on who their students and educators are, Indigo creates a path for schools to transform their culture and empower students through their unique inner genius.